Yapi Kredi 360 Degree Video (En)

Survivor, the most popular TV show in Turkey, has been sponsored by Yapı Kredi World for 3 years in a row, offering an exclusive flavor and extra prizes to the winning team every week at its specially designed ‘World Purple Room’ in Dominican Republic.

With its unlimited generosity, Vadaa has not only pleased the show’s competitors, but also the viewers! Inviting Survivor viewers to interactively experience the Purple Room atmosphere, set off for the 360 video campaign on mobile devices.

The users visiting mobile networks, experienced a full screen rich media ad with 360 video. With the help of gyroscope, users played the 360 video by moving their phones and had the chance to wander around the Purple Room! And they were asked to find the hidden Vadaa in 15 seconds to win the prize.

To be able to reach the maximum amount of unique visitors, each user was able to play the game just once.

With this innovative media usage, in just 7 days, almost 400.000 unique users viewed and more than 10.000 users played the game. 261 of them managed to find the hidden Vadaa.

The surprise prize iPhone 7 is already in the hands of its owner!

This campaign was successfully launched as an interactive 360 video through various mobile networks instead of social media, which makes it unique and innovative.