Arçelik Oled TV (EN)

Taking the pulse of technology, Arçelik produced Turkey’s first OLED TV. In Turkey, which is the second country in terms of most hours of television viewing in the world, we wanted to announce this product with a creative and innovative advertising model.

Since Turkey comes second in the world with ninety four percent in terms of secondary screen usage, one of the most creative ways to communicate our message was to reach individuals who actively use their mobile devices in front of their television screens!

So we created a Media First project with our new Connected TV targeting, which we added to our N-SDK technology for this campaign. But how? We identified the users who are connected to the same Wi-Fi network for three days in a row, after seven pm. When these users are connected to the same network on the fourth day, we are convinced that they are in their own homes.

Then with a second technology that we developed, we scanned the devices in this household that are connected to the internet, such as phones, tablets, televisions and computers, with their brands. We now know that the users are at home, and what models of Connected TVs and Smartphones they are using. And the campaign is in action!

Targeting the users who are spending time on the internet with their mobile devices while watching Connected TVs in their homes, we asked them “Is your television enough to best reflect real life images and colors?” And invited them to meet with OLED TV.

How about the users who have not engaged with any Connected TVs for four days? We used a different visual to invite them to meet with Arçelik OLED TV. With this project, we have communicated the superior features of Arçelik OLED TV through mobile devices effectively!

We managed to reach FOUR MILLION users and engage with four hundred twenty thousand people throughout the campaign!

We achieved ten percent CTR, multiplying the industry average by three!

And by offering a unique experience to our users, we have made an important contribution to the hundred times increase in awareness of Arçelik OLED TV!