N-SDK is an all-in-one package, advertisement management SDK that includes programmatic buying solutions and data integration. The product N-SDK provides amazing opportunities to the publishers and some of them are targeting, interaction, various ad models and programmatic technologies in order to increase revenue.

Programmatic :

Instead of working with a single ad network, it is now possible to work with multiple popular ad networks such as Facebook, Google, inMobi, Millenial and Mobfox. With this opportunity, brands and agencies will be able to increase and maintain their ad revenues.

Manage Inventory :

Gain flexibility by managing the applications’ ad banners with N’Wall. Thanks to N-SDK technology and its developed targeting tools, brands and agencies will be able to manage their programmatic and premium ads while managing their data.

Data Marketplace Available :

Without the need of extra technological development, user data can be shared with the advertisers while increasing the revenues.

Advenced Targeting :

With N-SDK’s advanced targeting technology, which enables advertisers to reach their users phone’s Battery, Location, Usage, Brightness, Carrier, Headphones, Weather, Storage, Device, OS, App, Connection, and Phone Name, allows agencies to show the most engaging ads to their users.

Ad Formats :

In addition to Standard Banner, MRE and Fullpage ads, advertisers will be able to use Custom and Native ads and gain impressions without disturbing their users.