Ad Formats

We're offering a full range of ad services for almost any company.

Native Ads


  • Standard Native usages are automatically shaped based on design of the mobil site or app.
  • This ad modal does not irritates the user and has high return rates.


  • Native video, shapes automatically according to the mobile sites or apps design and offers video viewing facilities without directing out of the area.


  • This modal is the most used product based ad modal for the E-commerce websites.
  • Provides variety by working with the XML entegration.
  • Automatically shapes according to design of the mobile sites and apps like other native ad modals.


  • Usages that ensures downloading an application or interacting with an application that exists on the users phone.
  • Because of the native download ads include targetings, have high return rate.

360 Video & Image

  • Thanks to N-SDK tech, in all mediums' all advertising space including native, 360 videos and images can be used to reach the target audience.

Native Scroll

  • This modal is based on a product background.
  • The background image is shown continuously while swiping the website.
  • A fixed clickable banner stands on top of the 300*250 area which background image is seen continuously while swiping.