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Nmobs, the youngest mobile media and technology house, is founded inside Genart Medya in 2015 with the aim of following the latest trends, executing them and providing an excellent service to the clients. With providing strategic and creative support and service, Nmobs; reaches out to the target clients through mobile websites and applications via a broad variety of targeting options. In addition to that, Nmobs has become the pioneer in the mobile advertising ecosystem with the in-house developed N-SDK for display and video advertising.

Jobs at NMOBS

NMOBS is a tech and sales house which provides mobile technologies and solutions to brands; holds both local and global publishers on its network, offers software and creative solutions besides ad sales and ad operations .


On behalf of meeting the needs of Turkey's ad market, NMOBS developed a dashboard to manage Twitter ads by qualifying as a API Partnership at past November.
We believe that data is the key to success! In order to keep updated about world’s mobile marketing and technology trends, marketing team pushes tough effort. We just not aim to keep updated, we do our best to deliver the information we gathered from various global and local resources. With that we primarily aim to be the pioneer in the industry with applying those trends in Turkey with several brands.We try to deliver related data, figure, charts and trends in each communication channel and prepare monthly marketing reports to reach as much as people we can.
Every time we receive a brief from clients or agencies, the first thing we do is to understand the campaign dynamics and KPIs. With all those in mind, we collate creativity and technology together and try to see what kind of experience we can design for the clients that would be exposed to the communication. Afterwards, we define the target audience and decide through which publishers we can interact with them.
We believe Advertisements on mobile should be visible to user with target mechanism which users can see Ads. on interested. Our goal is building Advertisement library tools which works with multi-platforms  ( iOS, Android and mobile web).
Our In-House Development:
  • Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Web
  • Advertisement SDK
  • Web Service
Teams we built for our clients are fluent in: 
Javascript  – NoSQL  – PHP – HTML/CSS  – AWS - Java(Android SDK) - Objective-C/Swift(Cocoa-Touch)
Tools and processes matters:
We develop lean and agile, embrace culture and keen on developing on mobile and cloud.