Ad Formats

We're offering a full range of ad services for almost any company.

Display Ads

Rich Media Banner

  • Rich Media banners are suitable for iOS, Android and mobile sites. Rich Media banner on HTML5 technology.
  • In Rich Media, there is an interaction between user and ad. Users use make some actions such as pinch, zoom, swipe or shaking device.
  • CTR: %1,5 - %8.0

Standart Banner

  • Standart Banner is suitable for iOS, Android and mobile sites and based on gif, png and jpg.
  • Images can be use with consecutive frames.
  • CTR: %0.7 - %2.1


  • A banner positioned on the top of the network.
  • The same functions such as video, pinch, zoom, swipe or shaking device can be applied to Masthead as Rich Media format.

Push Notification

  • Push Notification ads send as Pop-up or notification. And stored in notifications menu.
  • It is possible to get Push Notification ads when application is not running.
  • Possible to lead App Store, Google Play, mobile site or SMS screen with Advanced Push Notification.


  • In Advertorial, ad is turned over to news format and presented to the user.
  • There is campaing image, editorial text and link in Advertorial ads.
  • Advertorial is an ad type that is presented as a content so it does not disturb users.